​The ​Houston Astros are in the perfect situation for an ​MLB franchise to rest in, from an organizational standpoint. They are primed and ready to compete for a championship in the next few years, and have plenty of promising prospects coming down the pike to save them later on, too.

One of those terrific prospects that stands head and shoulders above the rest is starting pitcher ​Forrest Whitley. If the Astros have any sense, they'll realize he doesn't need any more time incubating in the minor leagues and should join the rotation in 2019. Immediately.

​​Whitley's stuff is MLB ready. His fastball touches triple digits and sits comfortably in the upper 90s. Pair that with a mid-80s power curveball and a great cutter in the low 90s with slider movement, and you have all of the makings of a future star. 

​​They officially have no excuse not to integrate Whitley into the team, after refusing to bring back Dallas Keuchel. They don't even need outfield help and have tried to shoehorn fellow top prospect Kyle Tucker into the starting lineup. Whitley has star potential, and letting him pile up innings for the Corpus Christi Hooks or Round Rock Express isn't doing anyone any good.