Alright, Frankie, Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy had special guest and Super Bowl winner Kyle Van Noy on his pizza review segment Tuesday. Portnoy is notorious for his trolling of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and Van Noy, freed of the shackles of competition and with another ring on his mantle, got in on the jokes with Dave in this episode. 

In the video, Portnoy claims that the season opener for the Patriots won't take place in Foxborough this year because Goodell is afraid of him. The New England Patriots linebacker responded to Portnoy's claim by saying, "That's weak." 

Not a great look when players in your league are calling you weak, ​Roger

Portnoy made headlines after being kicked out of the Super Bowl this time around, despite having a ticket. He was dragged out and held in a cell until the end of the game. Barstool Sports was banned from all Super Bowl events, so Portnoy and other members of Barstool floated around Atlanta in disguise.

These guys have been killing it while making fun of the NFL and Goodell for years now, even going so far as to make and sell shirts featuring Goodell with a clown nose (sported by ex-Patriots DC Matt Patricia on a Super Bowl parade float, back in the day).

I know that if I were Goodell, I would be scared of a guy who's making a living from making fun of me.