If the truth really is out there, Jose Canseco wants to find it, and he wants you to come with him. 

The former ​MLB slugger posted an invitation to anybody interested in pursuing Bigfoot or Aliens with him, and even dropped a number you can call, if that's your thing.

This tweet was ​one of many Canseco has posted with the same phone number to Morgan Management since Feb. 1. The phone number is also listed in his Twitter bio.

Canseco resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a popular spot for extraterrestrial enthusiasts. If this is the beginning of a new season of Mountain Monsters, I couldn't be more excited.

Whether he is the victim of a hack, or this is ​another elaborate publicity stunt, Canseco has got our attention once again, which means I have an excuse to show you this video.

Thanks Jose, and Morgan too, I guess!