​You know when you're facing that tough decision in life? Whether or not the person you're with is the one? Should you take that one extra shot you were planning on taking? Should you take that one job offer you're curious about?

You usually turn to your friends for advice, and it appears that ​free agent Manny Machado is doing the same.

Machado has been courted by many teams this offseason, but has yet to sign a contract. Now, it seems that amid his dissatisfaction, people within the Machado camp are trying to convince the infielder to sign with the Yankees short-term.

Machado was hoping for a long-term contract, but the free agent market hasn't panned out like everyone expected. With three of the four teams pursuing Machado having been absent from the postseason since 2011, there is reason to believe that Machado is stalling in hopes a winning franchise ups the ante.

The Yankees are the only team with recent success to have made an offer to Machado, and they reportedly offered Machado a ​significant contract, though not the deal of his dreams. Of course, the team may have pulled the offer since due to the ​recent moves they have made.

Signing a short-term deal with the Yankees may not be the move Machado has intended on making. But he could play for the team he's always wanted to play for, and prove to them that he is worth the commitment moving forward.

Win-win. Listen to your camp.