​Antonio Brown is set on forcing his way out of ​Pittsburgh and he's taken another step towards achieving that goal. Brown has officially requested a trade from the organization, making it clear he wants off the team. 

Not that fans weren't already aware that Brown didn't want to be in Pittsburgh anymore, it's just official now. 

The seven-time Pro Bowler has always been dramatic and his latest Tweet just shows that Brown loves to see his name in headlines. 

The star wide receiver has not been cut or traded as of yet, but he still opted to post a tweet in which he was ​saying goodbye to Steeler Nation

He's in an odd position to be demanding a trade, especially considering his involvement in a series of off-field incidents, including a domestic dispute with the mother of his child. Just today, Brown failed to show up to court to defend himself over a November speeding ticket and ​thus was found guilty

While he is arguably the most talented receiver in the league, Brown has to work on his character issues that are keeping some teams at a distance. 

He has a knack for stirring up drama, as is evident with his latest tweet and the end of the 2018 season. Teams need to stay far away from him.