​​Boban Marjanovic is quickly becoming a fan favorite across the NBA, and it's not simply because he's the biggest player around. The 7-3, 290-pound center appeared on ESPN's Get Up! a few months ago back when he was a member of the Clippers, and created an instantly memorable moment that's worth appreciating anew. Host Michelle Beadles asked Marjanovic to impersonate Darth Vader, for which he used a deep and raspy voice. After Beadle said he sounded kind of sexy, the big man decided to expand on that idea a bit:

"Luke, I am your father," Marjanovic said before proceeding to add something authentically inappropriate due to its sexual nature.

An instant classic.

Marjanovic looked like a true giant standing next to Beadle, and to hear him imitate the Dark Lord of the Sith's voice to humorous effect was priceless. The ​76ers' newest low-post acquisition continues to show the league his hilarious personality and remarks like these are what makes him such a unique character.