​Former ​Duke Blue Devils star Corey Maggette was recently ​accused of raping a woman while attending the university in 1999. 

Maggette is being accused by former Duke student Meredith Watson, who claims she spoke to the Dean of students at the university following the incident, but was dissuaded from pursuing legal action against her assaulter. Watson was a sophomore at the time. 

​​For the dean of a prestigious university to dissuade a student from pursuing a claim against someone who allegedly raped her is disgusting. 

While Duke is renowned for its top tier ​college basketball program, no university should be aiming to protect someone accused of sexual assault, at least without conducting a thorough investigation into the incident. 

Watson also accused Virginia's lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, of sexual assault during her time as a student. 

Maggette has denied the allegations against him, but even if the former ​NBA star is innocent of these heinous crimes, the fact that Duke deterred a student from legal action against a basketball player is out of line. 

The university clearly needs to sort out their priorities, as they would rather protect a star athlete than give a victim of sexual assault the justice she deserves. While there is no proof into these allegations, the university failed majorly by not conducting an investigation into the matter.