Baseball is finally back. On Monday, pitchers and catchers officially reported to Spring Training. While this does signal the start of a new season, it also marks the return of teammates roasting each other. DeLino DeShields Jr. took the first hit of the new season as Joey Gallo roasted him for looking like a broom.

DeShields Jr.'s hair is exactly the same color as that broom and you cannot blame Gallo for taking advantage of the opportunity.

As you can tell, DeShields Jr. spares no expense while making sure his outer appearance is one of a kind.

On the field, DeShields Jr. will look to improve his batting for the Rangers next season. Last year, DeShields Jr.'s average was a measly .216. While DeShields Jr. is known for his speed and defense, if he can improve offensively he could become a much stronger asset for the Rangers.

As Spring Training progresses we will hopefully continue to be blessed with more hilarious content from big leaguers roasting their teammates. It's this kind of stuff that helps get baseball fans through the endless string of meaningless Spring Training games.