​Damn, they didn't have to do Ben like this, man.

Ahead of the ​NBA All-Star game, the league released NBA Jam-style t-shirts with the ratings of the team's two best players. No doubt the shirts are awesome for anybody old enough to remember the classic video game, but fans probably got a good laugh when they saw the Philadelphia 76ers version of the tee.

If you look closely at ​Ben Simmons' ratings, you might notice that bar next to "3 PTRS"

The 6-10 star point guard has been mocked by many for his shooting ability/unwillingness to shoot so far in his brief NBA career. Simmons gets most of his buckets off of layups and dunks, but has added a little bit of a turnaround jumper to his game in year two. Threes, however, remain virtually nonexistent in his game, and the sport is obviously now dominated by the three-point ball. 

Teams continue to heavily sag off of Simmons and pack the lane because he is almost zero threat to score the basketball outside of the paint. So much so, Lakers forward LeBron James did this yesterday afternoon:

Simmons will obviously need to improve his jumper for the guard to realize his true potential. He is a great passer for his size and has remarkable driving and defensive ability. Adding a jumper would make Simmons an absolute terror to deal with on both sides of the ball.