​Brian Hoyer, as the backup quarterback behind ​Tom Brady in New England, has one of the cushiest jobs in sports. Even Klay Thompson has got to be jealous of the guy. All he has to do is stick around, hold the clipboard, engage in some light back-slapping, and BOOM! Super Bowl rings pretty much fall from the sky.

But, don't act like Hoyer didn't have a role to play when it came to getting the Patriots ready for Super Bowl LIII. In fact, he told Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer that he was a key part of demystifying the Los Angeles Rams offense.

What was Hoyer's secret? 

Well, he realized over time that Rams coach Sean McVay had picked up more than a few things from his days in Washington, when he served as tight ends coach under then-offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. He explained to Breer that as a member of the Browns, Hoyer was part of the same system Shanahan later brought to Cleveland.

With much of that offensive framework now in place with the Rams, Hoyer knew a thing or two ​about picking it apart. And after watching publicly available analysis of the offense courtesy of Peyton Manning on his ESPN streaming show "Detail," he suddenly knew everything he needed to know.

And the high-powered Rams offense was limited to a stupefying three points in the biggest game of the year.

Is Hoyer a magician? No, he's a 33-year-old ​NFL journeyman of authentically mild distinction. But Bill Belichick ​always gets the most out of his guys, and that truly applies to every last man on the roster.