​We're not sure any MLB player deserves a bounce-back campaign more than the ever-lovable Stephen Vogt.

The burly catcher who knows how to get barrel on ball has reportedly agreed to a minor-league deal with the San Francisco Giants.

​​The fact that ​Vogt isn't throwing yet remains concerning, especially if he's joining an NL team with no hope of finding a DH role for him. But the bat will play, and he's got several months to get into game shape.

Prior to succumbing to his shoulder issues in May 2018, Vogt was a two-time All-Star and beloved clubhouse figure across the Bay in Oakland. ​He was DFA'd, then picked up by the Brew Crew in the summer of 2017, posting a .254 average with eight dingers in the second half.

For the type of hitter he is, it's sort of stunning that Vogt isn't more patient, and he'll rarely deliver a high OBP. But the man can slug and liven up a clubhouse, and you couldn't do much better for a backup catcher, if he's able to go.