Sunday delivered something that Penn State fans have been waiting with extreme patience to see: Christian Hackenberg starting in a professional football game. Nittany Lions devotees have the new American Football Alliance to thank for that, but given his performance, they probably wish they were still waiting. Check out this not-so-sexy highlight tape of the Memphis Express QB

YIKES. Somewhere, Michigan and Ohio State fans are smiling. 

The former 5-star recruit finished 10-for-23 with 87 yards, an interception, and five rushing yards in a 26-0 loss to the Birmingham Iron. It's officially clear as day as to why the former second-round pick never took a snap for the Jets.

Listen, we usually hate to laugh at the expense of other athletes, but Hackenberg is making it so damn easy. Did you see that awkward side-arm release? 

Forget the release for a second; this dude clearly has no idea how to read a professional defense.

At least he's wiling to fight for extra illegally crawling four yards after being tripped up in the backfield.

Judging off this performance, we can expect PLENTY more ​f-bombs in the coming weeks.