On Sunday night, the ​Dwayne Wade farewell tour made a pit stop at Oracle Arena. The Warriors defeated the Heat 120-118 in a back-and-forth thriller, but the competitiveness was immediately thrown out the window after the buzzer sounded and Wade swapped jerseys with ​Steph Curry. Check out this moment between the future Hall of Famers:

During the conversation, Curry was apparently trying to persuade Wade to lace em up for another year. 

"It seems like he's got a lot more in the tank," Curry said in the post-game presser. "That's what I told him after the game. 'Are you sure? I know you got a lot of stuff going on off the court with your family and stuff. Are you sure you don't have a couple more years left in there?'" 

We're not crying, you're crying. 

Basketball fans are approaching a very DARK time as we are just a half-season away from permanently saying goodbye to one of the game's all-time greats. 

Curry, on the other hand, is an absolute class act. Nothing was stopping him from swapping jerseys with Flash.