As every sports fan and pop culture nut knows, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and singer/dancer/actress Jennifer Lopez have been ​dating for quite sometime now. When not providing analysis for MLB games or appearing on "Shark Tank,"​ A-Rod is walking the red carpet with J-Lo. Well, he did just that on Sunday at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, and while Lopez was performing on stage, the cameras cut to Rodriguez, who was exhibiting some rather questionable rhythm.​

While we can talk about the awkward bobbing of his head like an uncomfortable dude at a nightclub, it's the look of utter befuddlement that makes this clip hilarious.

Maybe's he's thinking about whether he tipped the valet or if he left the stove on at home. Then again, he could've felt a little weird she was shaking it for the world to see.

Regardless, Rodriguez doesn't really let jokes eat at him, and he's got millions of reasons why it shouldn't bother him.

And as for the fans, his relationship with J-Lo has provided a ton of entertainment and funny moments.