​Tom Brady has become increasingly known for his somewhat unorthodox methods vis-a-vis health and wellness as his NFL career has progressed into an advanced stage. But say what you want about the TB12 brand; the guy has clearly been doing at least a few things right. The six Super Bowl rings speak for themselves.

But he's not doing this all by himself. The Patriots superstar is getting a little spiritual bump from ​his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

As Tom told CBS Boston this week, Gisele “put[s] together a little altar" for him containing pictures of his children.

And some gemstones that allegedly have curative properties.

And a homemade necklace that he's supposed to wear while he says special mantras.

Hmm. That sounds like witchcraft, folks. But if witchcraft is necessary to help a man win ​NFL games, ​it's hard to knock it.

Perhaps the most unnerving element in all of this is Brady's reference to "these drops that [Gisele] makes" that the QB presumably ingests. Or maybe he applies them right on his eyeballs. Or inside his ears, maybe? Or perhaps we're talking about some kind of DIY suppository? Either way, this is really, really weird.

But the proof is in the pudding. This special type of weirdness has done nothing to curtail TB12's efforts to hoist a half-dozen Lombardi Trophies. Really, we could all use a helping witch hand in our lives.