For some reason, a fan thought it would be a good idea to take a shot at Austin Rivers and his dad, ​Doc Rivers, the head coach of the LA Clippers. The fan in question had some strong feelings about this family. And Austin was having absolutely none of it.

The fan told Austin point blank that his dad sucks at coaching, but the guy didn't think he was all that cool after Austin confronted him about it. The fan suddenly denied saying anything at all. Austin is not known for being intimidating, but this one seems to have crossed the line for him. Fans of the NBA are having a field day with this meme, though. 

Rivers played under his dad with the Clippers for four seasons before being traded to the Washington Wizards. He now finds himself on the Houston Rockets.

Bottom line, this kind of behavior from fans isn't cool. These players are people too, and trash-talking members of their family from the safety of a crowd doesn't make anyone look good. Props to Rivers for not doing anything more to this fan.