​Ariana Grande isn't especially famous with hockey fans, but she has some surprising history with the Florida Panthers.

The superstar singer went to nearly every ​Panthers when she was a kid, and she got pretty up close and personal: she was struck by a puck not once but twice at a game. She was actually the first ever fan to be struck by a puck at the Panthers' new arena, and became the first fan to get a zamboni ride at the game on top of it all.

​​I guess Ariana was meant for the spotlight even at five years of age.

The Boca Raton native doesn't talk much about her hockey fandom these days, but it'd be incredible if she started going to Panther games regularly once again, wouldn't it? God knows that the Panthers could use the boost to thei fanbase as ​they look to get themselves back into postseason relevancy. 

​​If only her local team could manage to get themselves seven rings. 

The first time Ms. Grande was struck by a puck, she was gifted with some equipment from the players. The odds of her getting struck again was next to zero, but the Panthers knew they had to give her an unforgettable experience. 

Little did they know that this seemingly unlucky girl would turn out to be the next great worldwide pop music superstar.