Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has long been known as an individual player. It's safe to say he isn't known as a player who makes those around him better. This style of play has resulted in a lot of criticism. 

Now, Westbrook seems to be expanding his game. He's allowed his star teammate, Paul George, to take the spotlight, while still contributing. 

Russ definitely has his haters, but it looks like he's taking what people say about him to heart. His triple-double against the Houston Rockets shows he's trying to help his team succeed as a whole. He had 11 assists in the 117-112 win over James Harden and the Rockets. Westbrook allowed George to handle the ball, which resulted in 45 points for the PG13. 

The Thunder's teamwork, headed by Westbrook, is a primary reason why they're sitting pretty at third in the west with a record of 36-19. They've won their last three games and seem only to be trending up.

It might be hard to be a Russ hater if he keeps playing this new style.