The Alliance of American Football made its debut last night on CBS. It's safe to say that the product did not disappoint in terms of exciting, viral moments. The viewership for the new league last night beat the ratings for the NBA, and it's pretty clear why. Hard hitting was the name of the game for the teams last night. It's clear that the league wanted to get off on the right foot with their gritty play. The game between the Atlanta Legends and the Orlando Apollos featured some great quarterback hits

It's clear the  AAF doesn't have the same soft rules to protect their quarterbacks, which makes for more exciting defensive moments.

If you think that it might just be the referees of that game that were loose with their calls, the San Antonio Commanders' game against the San Diego Fleet should change your mind. Quarterbacks were getting absolutely lit up in both of the games Saturday.

There's no question that this hit on San Diego's quarterback Mike Bercovici would be a flag in the NFL. Luckily for football fans, this isn't the NFL. It looks like football fans will be able to enjoy some hard-nosed old school football hits in the AAF. 

We think the AAF did a good job showing what they were all about last night. These offensive lines will need to do a better job of protecting their quarterbacks in the future though.