​This is going to infuriate Andy Reid and Chiefs fans everywhere. 

Earlier this week, it looked like the Chiefs were set to hire ​Kentucky defensive coordinator Matt House to be their next linebackers coach. However, the Wildcats have decided to block that from happening. And quite frankly, they've done it in the worst way possible. 

Per NFL insider Terez A. Paylor, Kentucky didn't let him out of his deal, but they did so after they had agreed to negotiate a buyout. Man, this is terrible. 

So, you're telling me UK told House he'd be good to go, they'd workout a deal, only to tell him, hey, sorry man, not gonna happen? Come on. 

House is a respected coach in the college football ranks, but he's clearly ready to make the jump to the pros. 

He thought he had his chance with the Chiefs, a team expected to compete for a Super Bowl next season. However, Kentucky went ahead and put the kibosh on those plans.