​Whether you are a ​Virginia Cavaliers or a ​Duke Blue Devils fan, you can't help but give a standing ovation to this 'Hoos fan who made the greatest College GameDay sign you'll ever see. 

Check it out:

Along with the Andy King meme, which may be played out a bit at this point, the caption reads, "Coach K on his way to Zion's house."

For those of you who don't know who Andy King is, he's the guy who was willing to give oral sex to customs officers for water in the absolutely out-of-this-world Netflix Fyre Fest doc. It may sound insane, but that guy whose face is on that sign was willing to do it without hesitation.

And Coach K could've easily gone to similarly extreme measures for Zion after swiping him away from Clemson, though his indiscretions likely involved money.

​​This is the biggest game of the season for UVA, and with all the much-deserved hype surrounding ​Zion Williamson, you think Coach K would've done anything to bring him to Duke?