​From pointing out a free throw shooter hasn't missed to Drake wearing a team's jersey before the game, jinxing in sports is a real fear for many fans across the world. 

Former Duke Blue Devils basketball player Jay Williams may be trying to do the same thing, as he was seen posing with a Virginia Cavaliers jersey and picking them to beat Duke in their showdown Saturday night.

William's has been known as a jinx during this rivalry in 2018, so ​Virginia fans must not be happy with him supporting their squad. Last time these two teams faced off, Williams chose the Cavaliers to pull it off on the road before they lost to the ​Blue Devils, 72-70. Seeing as he picked them again, he either truly believes in these Cavaliers or this all part of some master plan to keep his Dukies at the top.

​​This game is sure to be a hotly-contested affair that will go down to the wire. If the Cavaliers fall to the Blue Devils at home, expect for fans to pray that Williams stops supporting their team.