​It seems as though the ​Manny Machado sweepstakes might finally be nearing an end.

Maybe? Kind of?

After months of waiting, MLB insider Hector Gomez has reported many times over in recent days that Manny-to-Chicago seems inevitable. With that in mind, Gomez noted on Saturday that the Chicago White Sox have submitted an offer of eight years, $250 million to the highly coveted free agent slugger.

​​The report from Gomez comes just hours after we heard rumblings that ​New York Yankees reportedly submitted an initial offer of $220 million to Machado for roughly the same duration of time. Both offers still fall well short of the $300 million that Machado allegedly desires.

A four-time All-Star, Machado boasts talent on both sides of the ball. He has 175 career home runs and two Gold Glove awards to his name.

Although not as large in total as Giancarlo Stanton's current $325 million deal, the offer from the White Sox would make Machado the fifth-highest paid player by average annual value at $31.25 million per year.

Should Machado accept one of the offers that now sit at his feet, it would almost assuredly open the door for fellow free agent and former NL MVP ​Bryce Harper to sign as well.

Cautious optimism is still the name of the game, though. Throughout the offseason, there have been plenty of reported offers, but none have come to fruition. Hopefully, this spells the end of the long wait that the fans, the teams, and the players have had to endure.