After the heavily anticipated​ 2019 trade deadline passed, buyout season officially began, with many teams moving on from players who have no future with them.

That case is true for ​Los Angeles Clippers forward Michael Beasley, who has officially been waived after just being traded to the team by the ​Los Angeles Lakers.

​​Beasley has had a rough season so far, as he has been battling personal family matters. In addition, he has not been able to see the court consistently, appearing in only 26 games so far. 

Playoff teams that lack depth such as the ​Oklahoma City Thunder or the Philadelphia 76ers might be taking a look at Beasley now that he has hit the open market. Nicknamed "The Walking Bucket," the 30-year-old forward certainly still has enough in the tank to contribute to an NBA team. At this point, it is just a matter of whether teams will reach out for his services.