​Yankee fans who've booed management for their cheapskate status all winter might be eating crow soon, even if things don't work out in the end.

From what we've heard all winter, the ​Yanks never made a formal offer to Manny Machado following their extended dinner together. While that's their standard practice at the start of negotiations (float numbers, don't make offers), nothing materialized as the winter dragged on, and Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu arrived instead.

But that tiniest shred of hope remains as the Spring approaches; Machado still hasn't signed on the ​dotted line with the White Sox, and the rumor mill still pegs him as someone who's waiting for the Yankees. And while we have no idea who's talking right now, it seems there's an offer on the table from the Bombers.

​​Former big league GM Jim Duquette claims the mysterious Yankees offer is $220 million for either seven or eight years, which puts them firmly in the ballpark. If this is legitimate and Machado still passes for higher values, you can't be embarrassed with the Yanks' efforts.

​​Per Duquette, a "lot of teams are in that range," and one or more have surpassed it (likely the White Sox). If Manny wants to be a Yankee this desperately, I guess there's the slightest chance he could wedge himself into an oddly-crowded infield.

Bryce Harper's a better fit though, anyway, if Hal Steinbrenner really is as flexible as he claims.