​The Ohio State Buckeyes must have thought they would face an uncertain future toward the end of the 2018 season. Heisman Trophy finalist Dwayne Haskins was headed to the NFL, while legendary head coach Urban Meyer was up and retiring. But sometimes, the universe sighs its magical sigh. Justin Fields, the 5-star all-world quarterback prospect who spent his first college season understudying at Georgia, was suddenly headed to Columbus.

And then, ​the NCAA approved his waiver request for immediate eligibility.

Naturally, this was a massive reason to celebrate in the streets of Columbus. But for the Michigan faithful, this was simply a twist of the knife in a rivalry that has seen them constantly coming up short in recent years.

Yes, that is what bitterness looks like.

Sure, Michigan got a quarterback of its own declared immediately eligible last season, as 

Shea Patterson was able to play right after coming over from Ole Miss. In fact, he used the same attorney ​in the waiver process, Tom Mars, that Fields ended up using.

But enough demoralizing rivalry losses can drive a fan a bit nuts. And that's exactly what we're seeing here on message boards across the internet.

And nothing could make Scarlet and Gray fans happier than such heights of schadenfreude.

You just hate to see it.

Hate to.