We've all been thinking it, but now someone has actually said it.

As the  NBA trade deadline approached, ​Lonzo Ball's name was consistently showing up in hypothetical trade packages for the ​Los Angeles Lakers in regards to the mythical ​Anthony Davis trade that never happened. 

Angry over his son labeled as a tradable player, ​LaVar Ball decided to take shots at both ​LeBron James and ​Luke Walton, saying that they were the reason why Lonzo was not playing up to par.  This latest LaVar Ball outburst has now led to Jerry Bembry of The Undefeated to call for Lonzo to man up to his father and tell him to stop speaking on the point guard's behalf, essentially "firing" LaVar from the one thing that made the outlandish patriarch famous to begin with.

​​Maybe if this was LaVar's first time in the media then Lonzo wouldn't have to take action, but that isn't the case. The leader of the Ball family is one of the most brazenly outspoken people on the face of the earth, and as Bembry notes, his persona has only hurt Lonzo's standing with the team. Considering the fact that Lonzo is still playing for Los Angeles, if LaVar doesn't think that he has just made an awkward situation even worse for Zo and the Lake Show, then he is more delusional than any of us previously thought.

Until Lonzo's play is truly allowed to speak for itself, he needs to make sure that his father is out of the limelight.