With each passing Super Bowl, it seems like TB12 just gets more and more cocky.

After winning his sixth -- yes, sixth -- championship ring ​last Sunday, ​Tom Brady made it clear to the media that despite being 41 years old, he still believes he has some juice left in the tank. And what better way for Brady to get that message out to the world than by calling out Father Time himself?

Well, that's exactly was the G.O.A.T. decided to do on Instagram.


The caption on Brady's Instagram reads, "Hey Father Time, Just take the L". 

While I know that Brady just won the Super Bowl, it was clear that Father Time actually has taken a toll on him as a player. Throughout this season, there were times when Brady did not look like his usual elite self, and his age probably had something to do with that. He didn't exactly have the best of games in the Super Bowl, as it was a defensive-heavy affair full of short passes and incompletions. But a win is a win.

As long as the ​New England Patriots keep notching W's, Father Time will keep losing to the seemingly ageless wonder that is Tom Brady.

Still, Father Time is technically undefeated. He may let some opponents stick around a little longer than others, but they always go down eventually. Brady may want to pay a little more respect to someone who, in the end, always wins. No matter what.