Columbus Blue Jackets star winger Artemi Panarin has been one of the more talked about players when it comes to the trade market. Panarin's contract is up after this year, but he has made it clear that he will not negotiate an extension until after the season is over.

Most likely anticipating questions about the topics that he has previously said he will not discuss during the season, Panarin declined an opportunity for an interview Friday.

Panarin is also adding to the buzz around him by firing his agent. This hints at the idea that he might be dealt before the trade deadline on Feb. 25, in a potential package with Sergei Bobrovsky. There are many theories about where he might be headed if he doesn't stay in  Columbus

By switching to the same agent as Blue Jacket's goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, Panarin could be looking to make a move with his goalie to a new team. 

With 60 points already this season, Panarin is in his fourth consecutive year with similar point totals; he has yet to have a season total that has been lower than the 70-point range. Any team with the cap space would be lucky to have these all-stars in their lineup. Fans will have to wait on news of what Panarin's move will be, since he's being so secretive.