​This is awesome. Smiles Taylor, an athlete and motivational speaker with cerebral palsy posted a video of himself deadlifting 200 pounds. A little over double his bodyweight! The lift is no small feat and the reactions from his coach and the rest of the gym are even better.

Taylor's video of his personal record went viral and ended up catching the attention of Houston Texans defensive end ​J.J. Watt

The two-time ​Defensive Player of the Year tweeted out his support for the incredible accomplishment. 

Taylor's coach Nicolai Myers, a strongman and Army veteran, has been friends with him since middle school, he told Men's Health Magazine. The two began lifting together a year ago, and Taylor fell in love with it. 

“Two-times bodyweight is an intermediate lift,” Myers told the magazine. “It’s really awesome for someone to do within their first year. He's only getting stronger."

We're definitely here for Taylor's next PR! At the rate he's going, he will be lifting north of 200 pounds in no time. Keep Inspiring, Smiles.