​Man oh man. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is at it again! This time he has come out and made the bold claim that former Ohio State quarterback ​Dwayne Haskins is more of a runner than a thrower. Are you freaking kidding me, dude? 

​​He even goes on to say, "I could be wrong about that" demonstrating that he is slowly becoming slightly self-aware. But damn, ​Stephen A. Haskins has the legs and mobility to be a rushing threat in the ​NFL, but it certainly is not his strong suit. 

The former Buckeye threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his Heisman-nominated sophomore campaign. Smith's hilarious proclamation made for some hysterical responses.

It's safe to say ​Smith should stick to analyzing basketball, as he not only played in college, but started his career covering the 76ers for The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

But, hey, if he wants to keep supplying us with hysterically garbage football takes, we're all for it.