After 98 long, grueling days, the city of Boston is ​celebrating yet another professional sports championship. And they're not going to let you forget about it. During Thursday night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Celtics aired a video of various sports media personalities discrediting the New England Patriot throughout the season, only for the team to stick it to the doubters by winning​ Super Bowl LIII. What better way to troll the Lakers then by showing New England's proverbial beatdown of the Rams.​

Yeah, Boston isn't going to let this go lightly. The Patriots won their sixth Lombardi Trophy, and they want everyone to know about it. The Celtics in-arena team would even cut to head coach Bill Belichick, the McCourty Twins, and Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, just to drive their point across.

If the Celtics manage to win the NBA Championship this season, expect the Patriots to return the favor on Opening Night.​​