To play in the NBA these days, you have to be able to shoot. Thanks to the Warriors, teams are stretching the floor now more than ever. Everyone is adapting to the new style including Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart, two historically bad shooters. They've either been practicing their games or we live in some sort of alternate universe because they just hit back-to-back threes in Thursday's Lakers/Celtics matchup.

Start stocking up on canned goods and fleeing to your nearest shelter. The end is near. 

Celtics fans everywhere are probably losing their minds. To put this in perspective, Smart has shot 30 percent from deep or worse in three of his five seasons in the NBA, although he has massively improved in 2019. Rondo has also improved but it took him long enough considering he shot 25.2 percent from three during his nine years in Boston. 

Rondo may just be proving that the Lakers made the right move by keeping him even though it wasn't really up to them. 

Or, like we said, we're living in a different realm.