Jaylon Smith isn't' satisfied. 

He wouldn't call it quits when he suffered a horrific injury in his final college game and has managed to have quite the young career. Smith isn't ready to put college behind him just yet, however, with one more goal on his mind. 

To get his degree.

Smith is finishing his degree in Film and Television at Notre Dame and plans to graduate in May.

For someone who has it all, this is a cool move.

Smith has come a long way since that injury that wiped him out for his  rookie season. He finished this past season with 121 total tackles, six tackles for a loss, four sacks, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and four passes deflected. 

Smith thinks he has a lot more to prove and has  Cowboys fans fired up about his future.

Still, Smith isn't just trying to progress on the field. Just because he left after his junior season doesn't mean he still didn't intend on leaving college with his degree.

Each year, Smith gets better in every way he can.