Joel Embiid is not shy of the NBA spotlight, something he's shown time and time again. The 76ers' big man with a big personality is never afraid of making a comment or jab at another player in the NBA or starting beef with anyone on the court.

Recently, one of Embiid's most public feuds has been between he and Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, another All-Star with an equally large personality.

Now, Embiid and Westbrook will have to mend the cracks in their relationship, as the two will be paired together on Giannis Antetokounmpo's team for the NBA All-Star Game, a partnership Embiid wasn't exactly in love with. 

We can always count on Embiid to deliver when it counts, and he didn't let us down this time. The pairing of Westbrook and Embiid on the court is sure to be both entertaining and unpredictable.

Will the pair turn out to be a deadly combination, or will they bring their feud back to the limelight? 

The NBA All-Star game, which will take place next Sunday in Charlotte, is likely to be a high-scoring affair as always.