We've all been there before. Before undergoing an extensive procedure at the hospital or the dentist's office, you get hit with anesthesia, and you drift out of consciousness. You family and significant other film it to share on social media. Well, when undergoing ​shoulder surgery this offseason, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suffered the same fate. In his first ever YouTube vlog, Newton was filmed getting injected with anesthesia, and even bet with the nurse that he would not get knocked loopy. Well, Newton lost that bet, and it provided for some great comedy.

Newton confidently counted down from 100, and once he reached the number 80, he completely lost track and slowly fell asleep.

The former NFL MVP decided to create his vlog series in order to give his fans updates on his everyday activity, especially after going this arthroscopic procedure, which turned out to be ​not as serious as originally thought.

Newton might have struck gold with this project, and his first episode certainly provided some laughs.​​