​LaVar Ball has been a master at capturing headlines and earning publicity over the last three years

This time is no different after using a baseless reason for not wanting his son, Los Angeles guard Lonzo Ball, to be traded to the New Orleans Pelicans during the Lakers chase for Pelicans forward Anthony Davis. 

​​LaVar is no stranger to making outrageous claims but this time may be one of his worst yet. The weather in New Orleans around this time of year is comparable to that of ​Los Angeles so it is obvious he didn't do his research. 

In addition, the other Ball brothers and LaVar stayed in Lithuania for an extended period of time which is significantly colder than ​New Orleans.  

LaVar has been quiet for awhile since Lonzo fulfilled his dream of playing for the Lakers, but he has returned to try to control his son's situation as it spirals out of control. Look for more Ball headlines to continue to arise through the summer as the Anthony Davis drama continues.