​Following the ​2018 death of Paul Allen, there have been increasing rumblings in Portland over the future of the ​Trail Blazers, one of two major sports teams the Microsoft billionaire owned. According to John Cazano of Oregon Live, Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish said that he now expects the team to be sold. 

And he is said to be worried that the team will be packed up and moved out of town by the new owners. 

"The clear sense I’ve received from Blazers management is that this team will be put on the block at some point," Fish said. 

As it stands, the Blazers' current lease with the city of Portland extends through 2025 and the team is required to remain in Portland at least through the 2023 season. 

"We expect the team to be sold," Fish said. 

While the team is likely to undergo a sale, there is a chance that a buyer will emerge from within the surrounding region with hopes of keeping the team in the city. It may end up, however, that an external buyer will purchase the team and go forth with a relocation process. 

The Trail Blazers were initially purchased by Allen in 1988 for $70 million. According to Forbes, they are the 14th-most valuable franchise in the NBA at an estimated $1.6 billion. 

Until a new ownership group is identified, the Trail Blazers' future will remain unclear. For now, Fish seems to fear a similar fate to that of the Seattle SuperSonics.