When fans think about the best shooters in the ​NBA, the usuals probably come to mind: Steph, Klay, Harden...but do they ever talk about Celtics guard Marcus Smart? Because it seems like we should start recognizing just exactly what Smart has done to improve his overall game.

After signing a four-year $52 million extension with the Celtics last offseason, Smart has gotten into a shooting groove as a result of improving his shot last summer, and it's really paying dividends.

​​Smart is shooting 45.2 percent on 93 attempted shots from downtown since January, when he really started to get things going. 

In the Eastern Conference, only 66 players have taken at least 50 three-point attempts in the new year thus far, and no one has been more accurate from downtown than Smart.

What doesn't add up is that defenders do not seem to be realizing just how efficient Smart has been from beyond the arc. In fact, only three of the 88 shots that Smart has attempted since the start of January have actually been contested within four feet.

Defenders may want to start respecting Smart's shot soon, or else he will just continue to cash in.

He even said so himself: "I love it when they leave me alone. It's my shot. I can shoot it."

We'll see if Smart can continue to ride his hot hand, or if this was all just a mirage, but with an improved overall game, Smart could become the Celtics most valuable two-way player.