Anthony Davis is going to remain part of the ​New Orleans Pelicans until at least the summer.

Despite recovering from a fractured finger, Davis has been held out the last two games. That's understandable considering there was a chance he'd be traded before Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline, but now he'll be playing out the rest of the season with the Pelicans.

His agent, Rich Paul, confirmed it just before the deadline passed.

The Pelicans are in a tough spot. Keeping him on the bench the rest of the season would be very difficult even though New Orleans isn't likely to make the playoffs. The Pelicans can opt to protect their once-in-a-generation asset considering he'll likely be dealt this summer, but that might be a little extreme.

This now opens the door for a trade to the Celtics this summer, which will then create a one-year window for Boston to win it all next year considering AD doesn't plan to re-sign there. If the Pelicans didn't accept the reported offers for the Lakers, one can safely assume he won't be going to LA, and that the Lakers and Knicks will battle it out after next year to sign him.