​​Patrick Mahomes is an extremely talented athlete, as he displayed in a video which recently went viral depicting him ​dominating on a basketball court. Mahomes put his defender in a spin cycle as he finessed his way to the hoop for an easy bucket in the clip. 

Unfortunately for Mahomes, ​Chiefs GM ​Brett Veach saw the video and acted promptly to put an end to the quarterback's roundball career. Veach contacted the 23-year-old's agent in order to pass on the message that the 2018 NFL MVP was no longer to play basketball in order to avoid injury risk.

"We spoke to Pat Mahomes' agent and said Chiefs Kingdom can be assured there will be no more basketball for Pat," Veach said in an appearance on Kansas City's Sports Radio 810 WHB.

It's completely understandable that the Chiefs want Mahomes to stop playing pickup games, as it presents a serious injury risk for the franchise's most valuable asset. If Mahomes were to get hurt playing pickup basketball during the offseason, the Chiefs would never heard the end of it. 

After a stellar season in his first year as a starting quarterback, ​Mahomes is arguably the most valuable asset in the entire NFL. Putting him in harm's way over a game of pickup basketball is not something the Chiefs should be willing to do.