Since Lonzo Ball became subject of trade rumors, LaVar has been off his rocker. He recently called out Lakers head coach Luke Walton (and did again on Thursday) and has already ​been proved dead wrong about the Lonzo-Suns rumors. Those antics continued Thursday in an appearance on FS1's "Undisputed" where LaVar outrageously claimed that LeBron won't win a title with the Lakers without Lonzo.

"I told the Lakers a long time ago, 'If you trade my son, it'll be the worst thing you ever did.' And I guarantee, if they trade my son, they will NEVER get a championship," he said. 

​​Listen, we'd hate to bash a father's confidence in his children, but time and time again LaVar puts unprecedented expectations on his sons, most notably Lonzo. 

Later in the segment LaVar went as far as to say that Lonzo is better than LeBron.

We don't even want to dignify that with a response. 

The bottom line here is that the Big Baller Brand chief is back and better than ever. The real question is, how long will the Lakers tolerate it?