​The ​Philadelphia Eagles are exploring all of their options when it comes to backup quarterback ​Nick Foles, and one direction they may try to head is to slap the franchise tag on the 30-year-old. Reports are suggesting that the team would consider trying to tag Foles and then offload him in a trade, but that may not be as easy as the team thinks. 

If that is the Eagles' clear intention, then they would supposedly be violating the league's collective bargaining agreement. It's against NFL rules to use the franchise tag on a player with the intention of trading him. While it would be difficult to prove that the Eagles were doing that, it could be problematic in their attempts to offload the veteran quarterback. 

If ​Foles feels that the Eagles are only tagging him as a means of trading him, he would be able to file a grievance, which would thus prevent the team from placing the franchise tag on him. 

Foles wants out of Philadelphia as he seeks a starting role on another roster. He ​gave back the $2 million signing bonus he received as a way to allow himself to hit free agency, but ​recent links to the New York Giants are forcing the Eagles' hand. 

It would be a big blow for Foles to end up on the ​Giants where he would face off against his former team twice per season, and the Eagles are hopeful that the team can avoid that if the front office is able to find a suitable trade partner.