​​Kevin Durant snapped last night during postgame interview availability, calling out members of the media for how he feels they've treated him. The ​Golden State Warriors superstar claims that reporters and pundits have continued to stir the pot over his impending free agency, and have peppered him and his teammates with links between Durant and the ​New York Knicks.

Durant called out one media member specifically, pointing the finger at ​Ethan Sherwood Strauss of The Athletic. Strauss trolled himself on Twitter, replying to a video shared of the exchange between him and Durant.

While Strauss' response was kind of funny, it's clear that Durant is frustrated, and rightfully so. It's near impossible to focus on what's happening on the court when there are constant rumors ​connecting you to a different organization.

Durant's decision to call out Strauss in specific stemmed from the way that the reporter has characterized his current attitude and outlook for the future.

"You got a dude, Ethan Strauss, who comes in here and just gives his whole opinion on stuff, and makes it seem like it's coming from me," Durant claimed.

The media (and especially basketball Twitter) have shown less interest in Durant's performance on the court than whether he will leave town and shake up the Warriors' dynasty that has been in place since he joined the team in the summer of 2016. With that firmly in his mind, KD went on to tell the media to "grow up" and to "let us play basketball" rather than focus on what's occurring off the court.