With the ​NBA's trade deadline fast approaching, it's looking more and more unlikely that Anthony Davis will be in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform by 3:00 p.m. ET.

But according to ESPN NBA Insider​ Brian Windhorst, the ​New Orleans Pelicans never intended to trade AD.

Windhorst believes that the Pelicans leaked the information regarding Anthony Davis trade talks to gather information in addition to cause uncertainty among the Lakers' team, after LA caused uncertainty with theirs. 

"Never in 16 years of covering the NBA have I seen anything like this," Windhorst said.

It certainly can't be ruled out that New Orleans tried to get back at Los Angeles for their previous tampering and trying to strong arm them into moving the best player in their young franchise's history. The team chemistry of the Lakers has at least been temporarily ruined and the confidence of their young core appears to be shattered after the depleted Pacers blew them out by 42 points on Tuesday night.