Talk about an awkward situation. With the NBA trade deadline approaching on Thursday afternoon, the Dallas Mavericks completed a trade to ​send Harrison Barnes to the Sacramento Kings for Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph. Usually in these situations, the player is sent to the locker room and on their merry way to their new team. Nope, not​ Barnes.​

Barnes literally sat on the bench as the news broke of his trade. 

It doesn't end there, though, as he remained on the bench deep into the fourth quarter. How in the world does this happen?

Well, at least Barnes can say he'll never forget how he found out he was traded to the Kings. But man, talk about an awkward situation.

These kinds of moves are tough for teams and players. It's rough to have to say goodbye to the guys you shared a locker room with. Maybe Barnes was just trying to enjoy his final seconds in Dallas?