Aaron Donald is a freak of nature...a man amongst boys when rushing the quarterback. He was the nucleus of the Rams' inspiring defensive performance in Super Bowl 53 (and every game for the past four years or so) that stymied Tom Brady and the Pats to just 13 points. Do you care to guess what Donald said to himself during the Super Bowl pregame to get amped? Yes? That's good because NFL Films just released footage of the now ​two-time defending Defensive Player of the Year mic'd up prior to the big game:

We understand LA fans might still have a bitter taste in their mouth and we wouldn't blame you. Putting up three points in the Super Bowl after 18 weeks of sheer offensive firepower would still have us feeling nauseous. 

HOWEVER, this video of Donald MUST get you hyped for next season. Only he could throw Tom Brady around like a chew toy and not get flagged for it

We can't speak for everyone, but "controlled aggression" will be ringing in our ears until we wake up tomorrow morning.