​Pre-game speeches have become a sacred part of sports, which is why it's always a huge deal when we, as fans, get a chance to listen in on one. Video of New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty's words of wisdom for his teammates at the Super Bowl has surfaced and is certainly worth the watch.

Camaraderie in sports has always been a stressed ideal and ​McCourty showed just how powerful it is through his speech. 

Although everyone in the huddle was nervous, you can see them begin to nod their heads and calm down as McCourty preached. He pushed them to see that they were all going through it together and that win or lose, they will have each other's backs until the end. He ended it with one simple message that certainly resonated with the ​Patriots going into the game...dominate. 

You better believe fans were hyped to see this. 

McCourty's speech seems to have worked, as the Patriots dominated the Los Angeles Rams in their ​Super Bowl matchup. 

Gotta love the veteran stepping up for his teamma