​The ​Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in a dilemma. The team is considering using their franchise tag on backup quarterback ​Nick Foles, but not because they want to retain the 30-year-old.

Rather, the motivation for the Eagles bringing back Foles is due to the fear that he would join their NFC East rivals, the ​New York Giants. The franchise tag could be used as a way to control his destination and deprive him of the possibility to join a rival team.

The Eagles were initially expected to allow Foles to walk in free agency and not extend the option on his contract. ​Foles actually paid the team $2 million (the money he received from a signing bonus) Tuesday in order to get out of his contract. 

With Foles keen on testing free agency, the Eagles became worried about links between him and the Giants. The Giants have not been very open about their future under center and some believe they might try to bring Foles in to temporarily act as ​Eli Manning's replacement

In order to prevent Foles from joining the Giants or another quarterback-needy team like the ​Redskins, the Eagles' best bet would be to slap the franchise tag on Foles. By utilizing the franchise tag on Foles, the Eagles would be able to receive compensation in exchange for the University of Arizona standout. 

It's going to be interesting to see how the Eagles handle the situation with their former Super Bowl MVP. He's become a fan favorite, and nothing would be worse for Eagles' fans than to see F running the offense in New York.