​LaVar Ball is that ​overprotective parent who wants to be involved in every step of the decision-making process regarding ​​Lonzo's futureIt's no secret that the ​Lakers are willing to part with Ball in order to land superstar Anthony Davis from the ​New Orleans Pelicans. LaVar, however, has been doing everything in his power to ensure his oldest son ends up in Phoenix, a team desperate for point guard help. 

Well, it seems running his mouth may have backfired as the ​Suns just pulled off a trade to land Tyler Johnson from the ​Miami Heat. While Johnson isn't a true point guard, he's capable of playing at the position and will give the ​Suns some guard depth. 


LaVar might just want to keep himself distanced from trade discussions involving his son because the more he talks, the harder it gets to trade Ball. It's clear that the Suns could use a point guard but they may not value Ball as highly as his own father does. 

​Ball has struggled since joining the Lakers, yet is still considered to have massive upside due to his playmaking abilities. His shot has been worse than scouts had predicted, as the 21-year-old is shooting 40.6 percent from the field and an atrocious percentage from the free-throw line.

Ball would instantly become part of the rebuild in Phoenix should he be acquired by the Suns. Perhaps that's why LaVar is so intrigued by that route, as he clearly wants his son to play for a team that values him as a centerpiece.